How to Use a Lapping Compound?

Answer Lapping is a process of polishing whereby an abrasive is rubbed between two pieces of material, one harder than the other, to produce a shiny surface on the harder material. This is accomplished be... Read More »

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What Is Lapping in Accounting?

There are many rules an accountant must follow when recording financial transactions. For all the rules put in place, accountants have found ways to violate them with tricks and schemes. Lapping is... Read More »

Is zinc chloride an ionic compound or a molecular compound?

Zinc chloride constitutes an ionic compound because it contains both a metal, zinc ion, and a nonmetal, chloride ion. Molecular compounds, also known as “covalent compounds,” contain only nonme... Read More »

Spackling Compound Vs. Plaster or Drywall Compound for Repairs?

The best material for repairs depends on the extent of the damage to be repaired and the type of material being repaired. A general rule is to make repairs with like materials, but drywall compound... Read More »

Rubbing Compound Vs. Polishing Compound?

Though similar in use, rubbing compound and polishing compound are not interchangeable. Each is used to correct different car finish problems. Car owners should understand these differences to make... Read More »