How to Use a Kegerator Clean Kit?

Answer Kegerators are refrigerators that house beer kegs, enabling a bartender to pour ice-cold draft beer. They are available for commercial and home use and include a CO2 air pressure tank, hoses and ta... Read More »

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How do I use a kegerator clean kit?

Using a Kegerator Clean KitTurn the valve all the way clockwise to turn off the CO2 tank. Mix 1 tbsp. of beer line cleaner with 1 qt. of warm water in a 1 gallon bucket. Fill the kegerator's plasti... Read More »

How do I use a kegerator?

Tap the KegPlace the keg in the kegerator. Keep the lever on the keg tap upright. Put the keg tap over the nozzle of the keg, and push it in straight down. Twist the tap clockwise to lock it in pla... Read More »

Where can I buy a cheap kegerator?

If you're buying online amazon has some good deals. Here's a link for kegerators…

How to Build a Kegerator?

Keep your kegs chilled and eliminate the need for bottles and cans.Draft beer can be served in the comfort of one's home with a kegerator (a portmanteau of "keg" and "refrigerator"). Kegerators are... Read More »