How to Use a Himalayan Salt Slab?

Answer Himalayan salt slabs are also sometimes called salt blocks, platters or plates. They may be used for cooking, chilling and curing or as a decorative serving platter. Salt slabs can even be used for... Read More »

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What is Himalayan crystal salt?

Himalayan crystal salt is a pure mineral hand-mined from deep mountain deposits and exported for use as a seasoning, nutritional supplement, tonic or bath salt. Large blocks are carved into cooking... Read More »

How to Mix Himalayan & Celtic Sea Salt Together?

Creating your own sea-salt blends gives you the ability to harness the various benefits believed to exist within them. When you make your own home spa products to pamper your skin, body and soul, y... Read More »

What is Himalayan rock salt?

Himalayan rock salt is a misnomer. It does not come from the Himalayan mountains; instead, it comes from the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan. It is also a sea salt, not a rock salt.HistoryHimalayan r... Read More »

How to Use Himalayan Salt for the Eyes?

In today's world of computers, i-phones and television, our eyes suffer excess strain and dryness. Because of environmental factors and aging, it is important to realize the eyes need extra care to... Read More »