How to Use a GIMP Script?

Answer GIMP is a free open source photo editor similar to software such as Photoshop. GIMP has an option for running actions and scripts to enhance the various tools available in the software. These scrip... Read More »

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How to Use the Rule of Thirds Script in GIMP?

Stunning shot following the rule of thirdsThe rule of thirds helps improve your artwork and photography. Gimp has a script that makes it very easy without having to do it manually.

How are you supposed to downlaod the gimp software, which is at

Since you did not state your OS and version, I will assume it to be Windows XP - SP3.The GIMP is located at an .ORG not at a .COM, which might have been part of the problem. There should be a sele... Read More »

How to Install Gimp Paint Studio Into Gimp?

Gimp Paint Studios adds a lot to Gimp. It gives you more brushes and palettes to be used for drawing. Read this article to learn how to install it.

I need help with this script like idk if its possible?

See if this is what you are looking for:…The page generates a security code on run-time and checks whether the user inputs correct code when the button is... Read More »