How to Use a Floating Ball Battery Tester?

Answer Hydrometers come in two basic configurations. The first is called a calibrated float and the second is referred to as the floating ball. The floating ball hydrometer helps measure the charge in the... Read More »

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What is a battery tester?

A battery tester is an electronic device that will allow you to know how much power is left in a battery. There are battery testers that can check different types of batteries and models made to ch... Read More »

What Is a Floating Ball Valve?

A floating ball valve automates liquid levels in a tank. The ball valve closes when the liquid level rises and opens as the level drops. The higher the liquid level, the higher the ball, thus less ... Read More »

What does a battery tester measure?

A battery tester will measure the voltage of your battery. To do this, put the battery under a load and measures the voltage potential. For a more accurate reading, use a multimeter battery tester.... Read More »

What Is a Battery Load Tester?

A battery load tester is a piece of equipment that measures how well the battery can hold a charge. The load testers measure the strength of the battery, letting users know when to charge a low bat... Read More »