How to Use a Flex Wrench?

Answer When working on a car, it can be hard to understand how the manufacturer was able to put it together in the first place. Most of the bolts are in positions that are nearly impossible to reach with ... Read More »

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Is a flex pipe illegal to use on a heating gas range I was told by the Philadelphia Gas Works to replace my flex pipe.?

For the purpose of cleaning behind a stove (great hygiene) one would think a flex pipe would be the thing to have installed. There must be approved flex pipes for use with natural gas in the home. ... Read More »

What is a flex car?

Flexcar was a Seattle-based company that provided flexible car-sharing programs in many U.S. cities. Although Flexcar merged with its rival Zipcar in 2007, cars used through this program are someti... Read More »

How to Use Facial Flex?

Fighting the effects of aging--facial wrinkles, spots and sagging--is an ongoing battle that is not always easy to win. Most people are willing to try any number of non-invasive, anti-aging product... Read More »

Can a cat take fish flex?

On One Hand: Many Cats Benefit from Fish FlexFish flex is a product that many cats benefit from. It is used to treat a large variety of different bacterial infections including skin infections and ... Read More »