How to Use a Finish Nailer on 3/4-Inch Hardwood Flooring?

Answer Hardwood floor is often laid with a pneumatic stapler, but that's not the only option. If you buy engineered hardwood---meaning a hardwood veneer on a composite base---that makes the boards much st... Read More »

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Does 6-inch-wide hardwood plank flooring need to be glued?

Yes, but do not glue the tongue and groove, end joints or face of the lap, depending on which edge is on the planks. Whether blind or face nailing, even with an abundant amount of nails, using a go... Read More »

What is a finish nailer used for?

A finish nailer, or trim nailer gun, is a pneumatic nail gun used to attach trim with finishing nails. It is used for wood trim such as baseboard molding, door and window casing, floor molding and ... Read More »

What Are Uses for a Finish Nailer?

The finish nailer is one of the smallest pneumatic nailing tools. Its range of small fasteners makes it useful for a number of different jobs around your home or shop, beyond the shooting of finish... Read More »

How do I choose a finish nailer?

PowerEvaluate your power availability. The most common nailers run via air compressor. You must remain tethered to a cord, and the length of the cord affects air output. Cordless nailers employ an ... Read More »