How to Use a Dual Smoker?

Answer A dual smoker is a type of outdoor barbecue appliance that can be used for grilling foods quickly or slow cooking them in a separate smoker chamber. The appliance typically has a gas grill on one s... Read More »

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Can I set a dual-band wireless USB adapter to always run at 5GHz with its corresponding dual-band router?

1) bandwidth will "shrink" when there are more users, regardless of what band you use. That said, the 5Ghz band will probably have better latency or response. If your internet speed is low (ISP spe... Read More »

Can non-dual channel be used in a dual channel supported mother board?

Dual channel supported motherboards are compatible with single-channel memory. Single-channel memory is present when there is only one DIMM (dual in-line memory module) installed or when multiple ... Read More »

If I were to go from a 2.6ghz dual core to a 3.2 ghz dual core, would it make a difference?

There's not a lot of discernible difference -…Compare those ratings with a Phenom II x6 in the high end chart, those score near 6 times more (not 6x faste... Read More »

Are amd dual cores faster than intel dual cores?

Intel manufactures the fastest dual core processors. But because manufacturers build CPUs containing a variety of different clock speeds and architectures, some AMD processors are faster than Intel... Read More »