How to Use a Drill to Polish Your Car?

Answer Made up of slightly abrasive components, car polish can be just the product needed to smooth out rough areas and create a shinier coat of paint on your vehicle. Multiple methods exist for applying ... Read More »

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How to Polish Rocks With a Dremel Drill?

Rock polishing machines are noisy and tumble rocks together to create a smooth and shiny surface. You can create similar results without this machine. A Dremel tool with a grinding attachment offer... Read More »

How to Turn Your Drill Into a Drywall Drill?

Drywall screws are an effective, efficient and lasting way of fastening drywall to your walls. Professional contractors have special drills with a chuck and bit attachment designed to set the screw... Read More »

How to Drill Very Small Holes with Wire Size Drill Bits?

Drilling small holes with wire-sized drill bits can be especially difficult. The smaller the drill bit, the more likely it is to break. You must be especially careful to keep small drill bits cool,... Read More »

What drill bit is best suited to drill into lawn mower blade?

you'll want to heat the metal first on hardened steel...then proceed to the drill press with a good quality bit. no made in china or other cheap bits....a good bit will run aprox 8.00 each t... Read More »