How to Use a Double Pedal?

Answer The double pedal allows you to use double bass techniques with a single bass drum. It is suited for drummers who do not wish to carry an extra bass drum with them and for those who use double bass ... Read More »

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How to Set up a Double Bass Pedal?

When you first open you're double bass kit it will look very complicated and almost impossible to make, but it is rather easy.

When was the first double bass pedal invented?

Don Sleishman invented the first double bass pedal in 1968. He called it The Original Sleishman Twin Pedal. It didn't go into production and become commercially available, however, until 1971. Unli... Read More »

Who invented the double bass pedal?

Don Sleishman invented the double bass pedal in 1968. Sleishman's drummer friend Evan Biddle had difficulty playing due to an undeveloped left arm. In response to his friend's disability, Sleishma... Read More »

Who invented the double bass drum pedal?

Australian drummer and inventor Don Sleishman designed the first double bass drum pedal in 1972. Upon its conception, the double bass drum pedal was not well received by the drumming community, as ... Read More »