How to Use a Debit Card to Make Purchases at a Store?

Answer A debit card is a bank card that resembles a credit card. When it is used to make a purchase, however, the money is taken directly from a person's checking or savings account. The deduction may occ... Read More »

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Is there a problem when you use your debit card for gas purchases?

When you buy gas with your debit card, your bank may place up to $75 "hold" on your account. Usually the bank adjusts this amount quickly to the actual dollar amount of the gas, but sometimes it c... Read More »

Can you use a debit gift card on online purchases?

You can use a debit gift card for some online purchases. It depends on the type of debit gift card and the card's specific terms of use. For example, Target allows you to use your debit gift card f... Read More »

How do I load a debit card for the PS3 store?

Via ConsoleScroll over to the PlayStation Network logo on your PlayStation 3 system and click the "X" button. A new menu will appear below. Scroll down to Account Management. Click "X" again. Click... Read More »

Can I use a Visa debit card at any store?

A Visa debit card can be used at any retailer that accepts Visa credit cards. Visa's debit card can be used for brick-and-mortar purchases, online shopping, bill payments and any other services whe... Read More »