How to Use a Compass to Find Your Property Lines?

Answer Locate property lines, using the property's legal description, as noted on the deed. This is particularly useful if no noticeable property boundary, such as a fence or stone wall, is present. Avoi... Read More »

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I would like to find out how I can have my property exempted from our local property owners association?

If you purchased your property subject to the by-laws and rules & regulations of a Homeowner's Association you cannot remove your property from the association. All the other owners have the right ... Read More »

How to Find Direction Without a Compass?

Oh no! You're lost in a forest, and you don't know what to do! Even worse, there's no compass in your backpack! Relax. If you follow these easy steps when you get lost, you're quite likely to find ... Read More »

How to Find Position With a Map and Compass?

A map with compassIf you ever find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings with no particular way of knowing where you are, this article should be of assistance.

How to Survey Property Lines?

Surveying property lines is done every day to establish boundary lines and the location of rights-of-way. If you learn to survey property, you can reasonably determine the size and configuration ... Read More »