How to Use a Comma Before the Word So?

Answer A comma is a punctuation mark used to remove ambiguity from sentences. Typically commas are used to separate words in lists, different clauses or adjectives. When using commas to separate independe... Read More »

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Is there a comma after the word Zoe in the following sentence... Natalie's best friend Zoe became her agent?

YesThe sentence with the comas would be: Natalie's best friend, Zoe, became her agent.

What does a comma mean?

A comma is a punctuation mark that is used to separate parts of a sentence. It usually shows where the reader should take a breath while reading out loud. Commas help the reader figure out which wo... Read More »

How to Use a Comma in English?

Many individuals who are new to the U.S. arrive in the country with little, or no, knowledge of the English language. Learning to speak English requires mastering the basics, which includes issues ... Read More »

Does the comma go before or after the apostrophe?

According to the Chicago Manual of Style 15th Edition (chapter/section 6.8), the apostrophe is followed by a comma or period, unlike the closing single quote, which follows a comma or period.Source... Read More »