How to Use a Cold Cathode as an HDD LED?

Answer Computer case customization is a great way to attract attention at social gaming functions. One popular customization is the addition of bright lights to the case. Cold cathode tubes are great for ... Read More »

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Are cold cathode lamps the same as UV light?

Cold cathode lamps are not the same as UV light. Cold cathode lamps are energy-saving, long-life lights that are dimmable. The wavelength of ultraviolet, or UV, light, is not in the visible range o... Read More »

Help I tried to install cold cathode's now my computer is unresponsive any help 10 pts for the person who fix?

It could have been that the Cold Cathode was not certified to work on your type of power supply. There may have been some short circuit or something else that might of happened when you tried to ge... Read More »

What it means with 'cold rice and cold tea are bearable but cold words and cold face are not?

Methadone is simply a narcotic anlegesic, or in other words it is a pain killer that is similar to morphine, oxycodone, codeine ect... It is a very effective pain killer because it has a very long ... Read More »

What is a cathode?

A cathode is type of electrode. Electrodes are materials that conduct electrical current either by emitting or accepting electrons at either end of a circuit. In general, reports, the cath... Read More »