How to Use a Clay Cookie Mold?

Answer For centuries, bakers have used wooden and clay molds to create intricately detailed picture cookies. As far back as the 14th century, Swiss and German bakers were using cookie molds to bake the Sp... Read More »

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I ate a cookie with mold on it. HELP!!?

Should be ok. That is what your immune system is for. As long as you don't eat a ton of mold you will be fine.

How to Mold Clay?

Clay is made of hydrated aluminum silicate, quartz, and other organic fragments. Mixed with even a little water, clay has a plastic, malleable quality, and it has been used by humans, animals, bird... Read More »

What does clay mold into after the sedimentary rock cycle?

If clay deposits remain undisturbed over a long period time, they may experience tremendous heat and/or pressure from geological processes such as volcanic activity, burial, folding or faulting. Th... Read More »

How to Create a Doll With Clay Using a Porcelain Mold?

Doll face clay molds, made of porcelain, are widely sold in craft stores as a means of assisting doll craft makers in creating realistic-looking doll faces with minimal effort. However, a good proc... Read More »