How to Use a Citrus Peeler?

Answer A citrus peeler is a thin device with a hook at one end and a thin, curved part at the other end. At first glance, it might look more like a crafting or dental tool than an addition to your culinar... Read More »

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Are Dwarf citrus as good as the full sized citrus Can yor recommend a few for my yard in California?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE.Dwarf citrus are wonderful trees. Most put out 2/3 as much fruit in half the space of standard size citrus. You save time, space, water, plant food etc.Compaired to ... Read More »

How do i use a lemon peeler?

Grip the lemon with one hand and the lemon peeler with the other. Hold the blade against the peel of the lemon and press firmly, moving the blade across the lemon. If you are using the lemon peel f... Read More »

How to Use a Vegetable Peeler?

Vegetable peelers are designed to remove a thin layer of peel and food material from the surface of a fruit or vegetable and are also used to slice thin sheets of hard cheeses and chocolate. The wa... Read More »

Do you use a potato peeler?

all the time,I have three to chose from,they come in handy peeling the carrots.