How to Use a Chinese Abacus to Multiply & Divide?

Answer The Chinese abacus, or "Suan Pan," is an calculation device that has been used for over 800 years. The abacus itself is made from a row of horizontal dowels, each holding seven beads or stones. A ... Read More »

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How to Multiply on an Abacus?

An abacus was a precursor to the calculator, as it was a device used to make mathematical calculations before technology became more advanced. The device is composed of a frame intersected with row... Read More »

What is a Chinese abacus?

A "suan pan," or Chinese abacus, is a calculating aid for addition, multiplication, subtraction, division and extracting cubed and square roots. Its rectangular frame is divided, and the top sectio... Read More »

When was the Chinese abacus invented?

The Chinese abacus was invented around 100 A.D. It could be used to add, subtract, multiply and divide. The abacus became the basic calculating device throughout Asia. It is still widely used there... Read More »

Instructions for a Chinese Abacus?

The Chinese abacus was used to perform mathematical calculations far before the first calculator was available. The first Chinese abacus was invented around 3000 B.C. It was originally made using s... Read More »