How to Use a Check Debit Card at a Gas Station?

Answer Almost all gas stations require you to either prepay with cash or use a debit or credit card for gas. Most gas stations accept debit cards at the pump, so you can simply pull up to the pump, slide ... Read More »

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Does using a check card or debit card help you build credit?

With a debit card, often called a "check card," you pay for purchases with money pulled directly from your checking account. Because you use your own money rather than borrowing money and repaying ... Read More »

How to Check a Debit Card Balance?

Prepaid debit cards make great gifts, and these cards are popular gifts for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. But while debit cards are easy to use and convenient, it is important to... Read More »

How do I add a check to a prepaid debit card?

Mail Paper Check Or Money OrderLocate the website for the debit card, and get the deposit mailing address, to deposit a paper check or money order. Simply complete a deposit form with the account i... Read More »

How do I check the balance on a debit card online?

Sign up for Online BankingGo to your bank's Internet homepage. If you already have access to your account online, log in. If not, click on the section to sign up for online banking, which will prom... Read More »