How to Use a Charcoal Smoker?

Answer Smoked and barbecued foods are as much a part of summer as baseball and apple pie. Often, people are apprehensive to attempt smoking their own meats. But, with a little bit of knowledge, the proces... Read More »

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How much charcoal should I use in a smoker?

Count on using about 1 to 1-1/2 pounds of charcoal for every pound of meat. Ffor example, to smoke a 10-pound turkey use 10 to 15 pounds of charcoal.Source:What's Cooking America

How do I cook with a charcoal smoker?

CharcoalCharcoal briquettes are excellent for even cooking on a smoker. These burn more evenly than chunk charcoal. Place the briquettes into the holding pan on top of the electric heating element,... Read More »

Brinkmann Charcoal Smoker Troubleshooting?

Upright Brinkmann charcoal smokers perform the most primal of outdoor cooking methods--slow cooking meat over low temperatures with the wood smoke for flavoring. But the process requires attention ... Read More »

How do I cook with a handmade charcoal barrel smoker?

Control the HeatInsert a thermometer into the cooking chamber of the smoker to determine the temperature. Slow cooking methods require keeping the heat around 250 degrees F. Normal cooking temperat... Read More »