How to Use a Cassette Adapter in a Chevrolet?

Answer A cassette adapter is a device that resembles a cassette and can be played through a cassette deck. However, the cassette adapter does not contain any audio media; instead, a cable with a 3.5mm aux... Read More »

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What is a cassette adapter?

You've brought your MP3 player along for the road trip, but there's one problem: You're riding in an old car, one that has only a cassette deck. A simple device called a cassette adapter can help.S... Read More »

Is there a vhs cassette adapter for hi8/8mm tapes like they have for vhs-c?

You don't understand: it's not the size that's differemt, it's the formatting process. You can't play a vhs tape of any size in a hi8 device, and vice-versa.VHS-c to VHS adapters usually come with ... Read More »

How to Remove a Cassette Adapter?

A cassette adapter provides an audio input so that other devices, such as an iPod, can be played through the car's sound system. The cassette adapter can become stuck in the front-loading slot of t... Read More »

How to Stop Cassette Adapter From Ejecting?

A cassette adapter is a device that allows you to play any external audio device with a headphone jack through a car tape deck and its speakers. The device is shaped like a normal tape cassette and... Read More »