How to Use a Car Battery as a Power Source?

Answer Electrical devices require a power source. Many devices (such as portable radios or MP3 players) use a DC power source such as an alkaline battery. However, many small electric devices (such as ele... Read More »

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Battery question for solar power - Does (2) 6V batteries hooked up in series make it a 12V source?

You hook the batteries in series to get 12V.You pretty well have all you need. I would get fuses and cutoff switches though.

I'm building a computer how much power should my power source provide?

If your building your own then don't skimp on power.Getting a higher rating than you need means the PSU will not break into a sweatand it leaves you loads of room to upgrade components at a later d... Read More »

Can you wire 120v AC power from a 24v DC power source?

Generally speaking, you can "invert" 24-volt (DC) power to 120-volt (AC) power, using power inverter equipment. Because 120-volt AC powered devices rely on amperage as well as voltage, you should ... Read More »

When operating a laptop on battery power, how many hours does the typical battery power a laptop?

The average lifespan of a laptop battery is three hours. However, that depends on the laptop itself. There is no one answer. Some laptops last anywhere between 5 and 8 hours, mostly the thin and... Read More »