How to Use a C4 Yoke for a T5 Trans?

Answer Created by Borg Warner Automotive in 1982, T5 transmissions are known for their design of taking a needle and ball bearing counter gear box in tandem with bronze synchro rings. As part of the multi... Read More »

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The prefix trans in trans-seberian railway means A. From B.betwwen C. Across D. Into?

What to use instead of and egg(or egg yoke)when baking?

Some people will say oil. Too bad that is all fat and no protein. I prefer 3TB real mayo.… is a handy ingredient emergency substitution chart.Sometimes it'... Read More »

Egg with a really Runny yoke?

Heat the skillet up a little with a little oil or spray in it. Crack the egg into the skillet. Have the heat on medium low to low. When the white of the egg has set and turning white, put a tabl... Read More »

What Is a U Joint Yoke?

A universal joint, or U joint, is two straight rods coupled so they may bend in any direction. A U joint yoke is the specific part of a universal joint that allows for this range of motion. U joint... Read More »