How to Use a Buffer for Auto Paint?

Answer Many car owners like to have their vehicles looking their very best. One part of keeping a vehicle looking new is maintaining the shine. Waxing a car with a buffer is a great way to get the shine y... Read More »

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How to Repair a Buffer's Turn-On Switch for Auto Paint?

Orbital car buffers polish a car's surface to leave a high glass shine using oscillating motion. The on/off button on a car buffer will be a toggle switch of some kind. When these switches stop wor... Read More »

How to Use a Auto Detailing Buffer?

An auto detailing buffer is used to polish and buff the paint and clear coat of your vehicle. In simple terms, it makes the car nice and shiny. It can also help to protect the paint from UV damage ... Read More »

How do I use an auto detailing buffer?

Using a BufferApply your polish to a small area of the car's body. Place the buffer flat over the polish, and turn it on. Move the buffer in a back-and-forth motion across the area of the body, ove... Read More »

How to Remove Buffer Marks on Car Paint?

People spend hours cleaning and waxing their cars. Often, an entire afternoon will be committed to bringing a dirty car up to the status of a parking lot beauty. There are many tips for bringing a ... Read More »