How to Use a Buffer Polisher on a Car?

Answer Waxing and buffing a car makes the paint shine like new. Wax protects the paint from environmental damage, such as sun damage and pollutants, so it will last longer. Wax prevents your paint from lo... Read More »

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How to Use a Drill As a Polisher?

Turn your electric drill into a powerful polishing tool by adding a polishing head. Polishing heads and polishing compounds are available to polish metal, glass, plastic and wood. You can remove sh... Read More »

How to Polish Your Car With a Polisher?

Polishing your car with a polisher gives it the smoothest and most glossy finish possible. A polisher gently buffs away surface contaminants and blemishes while polishing the clear coat to a high s... Read More »

What is a gem polisher called?

A person who cuts, polishes and engraves precious gemstones is called a lapidary. The term also applies to the process of cutting and polishing gems. Because of their specialized skills, artisans ... Read More »

How to Use a Power Car Polisher?

The glossy sheen of wax on your car looks great, but it also protects the car from wind, rain, dust and tiny pebbles. A power car polisher can get the job done more quickly, but there are dangers. ... Read More »