How to Use a Broiler Oven?

Answer The broiler feature in your oven uses an electric or gas element at the inside top of the appliance to heat the interior to a high temperature, typically 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Broiling is often u... Read More »

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What Causes a GE Profile Oven Broiler to Short Out?

Electric ovens have a number of electrical components that can malfunction and prevent the burners, broiler or bottom heating element in the oven from working. If the broiler in your GE Profile ove... Read More »

How to Fry With a Broiler?

Broiling food coated in cooking oil produces a result much like that of deep frying, but less oil is required. Any food that can be deep fried can be fried using your oven's broiler. This method is... Read More »

What is a broiler pan?

A broiler pan consists of a slotted upper rack that sits on top of a rectangular bottom pan which is used to catch food drippings. Similar to grilling, broiling allows food to be cooked under direc... Read More »

How to Use a Broiler?

A broiler is very similar to a grill except the heating mechanisms are on top. Use a broiler to broil food directly under high temperatures and give the food a charred or glazed finish. Most of the... Read More »