How to Use a 6 Volt Battery Charger?

Answer Battery chargers are used to supply direct current, electrical energy to a battery. This electrical energy reverses the chemical reaction between the battery electrolyte and the battery plates, thu... Read More »

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The Best Ways to Hook Up a Six-Volt Charger to a Six-Volt Battery?

Charging a battery is generally safe and fairly simple. However, it is important to attach a battery charger designed to charge your specific type of battery. It is also important to charge a 6-vol... Read More »

Can you use a 12-volt battery charger to charge a 6-volt battery?

Yes if you wish to blow yourself up!Actually I found out that if you are using a trickle charger, you can. But thanks anyway.

How to Repair a 36 Volt Battery Charger?

Did your charger just stop charging? 36 volt chargers are not like the type you charge AA batteries with, they are usually for some kind of generator with an engine, or scooter, or boat. These char... Read More »

How to Build a 12 Volt Battery Charger?

A lead-acid battery will lose its charge over time. The electrochemical reaction between the lead plates and the acidic electrolyte produces lead sulfate crystals. As these crystals begin to coat t... Read More »