How to Use a 30-30 in a Savage 303 Gun?

Answer The .303 Savage cartridge was originally designed in 1894 by Savage Arms, intended as the primary cartridge in the Savage 99 lever-action rifle. Winchester's Model 1894 was the most popular lever-a... Read More »

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What radio stations carry Michael Savage show entitled The Savage Nation?

One radio station who features Michael Savage's Savage Nation is Newsradio 910.[]

How old is Ben Savage?

Ben Savage is 30 years old (birthdate: September 13, 1980).

What is savage value?

Salvage value is the estimated market value that an asset would fetch if sold at the end of the asset's useful life. Salvage value is used as an end-point for depreciation calculations.For example,... Read More »

Suzuki savage reviews?

I got a 1991 Suzuki savage with only around 14k km on it. It was my first bike, as I was searching for a cheap cruiser to learn how to ride. It has a very nice handling, the mid controls give you t... Read More »