How to Use a 3 Piece PC Amplified Speaker System With a TV?

Answer A three-piece PC speaker system consists of left and right speakers connected to an amplified subwoofer. The sub connects to the PC with a 3.5mm stereo audio cable. This system adapts quickly for a... Read More »

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Can I convert my normal Sony Music system speakers to Amplified speakers?

No you can't. All you can do is substitute another amplifier.

How to hook computer speaker system to surround sound theater system?

well there is not anyway to bypass the usb some newer surround systems have a place to plug the usb cord in for computers but for your situation you could use a connectort like this it is made for ... Read More »

What's the best speaker system for you?

I have saw all the answers ,, There a lot of good ones .. but I dont think it was everyone else thinks . Just because he said its good.doesn't mean your ear is gonna like it .. I'm no pro .. But i... Read More »

How can i use my 5.1 speaker system for pc...?

Ah that stereo has analog inputs. You really only have one green jack on your computer? I would need to see a picture of the back of your computer to answer this completely. But what I can tell you... Read More »