How to Use Your T-Mobile Shadow Phone Without Knowing the Password to Unlock It?

Answer Passwords are important for cell phones to protect personal information. Sometimes you may forget the password you set up or you might get a phone from a friend. The Shadow phone has a preset passw... Read More »

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How do i unlock ipod touch 3g without knowing the password?

You can call the phone, and during the call, press the home button and cisable the password lock in the settings.

Can i unlock my phone without knowing the carrier?

No, Without knowing the carrier you can't unlock a mobile phone. Try t find it out. You may get the network logo when switching on. Or you can get it at the SIM card slot. Or you may find t in the ... Read More »

How do you unlock your phone if you forget your password?

Either you have to mail it to the manufacturer to do so, but they might not be able to.

Unlock a mobile Phone?

all u have to do is enter in the last four digits of your cell number and it should work .... unless u changed it .... give it a shot