How to Use Your Mind to Focus Energy?

Answer Harnessing the mind's power to focus energy can be an effective skill in facing a wide range of human challenges. Mentally focusing energy unlocks the door to removing a variety of limitations asso... Read More »

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How to Clear Your Mind and Focus?

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If the mind can affect healing, can it, with the right focus, heal anything?

I believe it can. But not with the right focus, with the They are now growing body parts in labs. What is now impossible will soon be the norm. It's the mind + faith that set out to ... Read More »

Will energy drinks help me focus?

No. Energy drinks are mainly caffeine and other drugs that deplete your adrenaline. Get some sleep.

What energy drinks are potent, long lasting, and help focus and instead of making me hypermanic?

Five hour energy is my drink of choice but it's all down to personal preference. Energy drinks are a short term solution though and will make you crash quickly. If you want long term energy your be... Read More »