How to Use XBox Live With an HP Laptop?

Answer Microsoft Xbox 360 users who opt to subscribe to the Xbox Live service can take advantage of multiplayer online gaming; streaming movies and music from Netflix and Last.FM; contests and giveaways; ... Read More »

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How to Use Xbox Live With a Laptop Without a Wireless Adapter?

The Xbox 360 offers the opportunity to play video games online as well as download movies, music and pictures and even update social networking through Xbox Live. One way to use Xbox Live is to pur... Read More »

How play on Xbox Live with a laptop and wireless internet connection?

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Is there a way to connect to Xbox Live using a laptop with a wireless internet?

I am not sure but you can just plug an ethernet cord from your 360 directly into your router. It's not wireless but ethernet cords are cheaper then the wireless adapter for the 360. Then you can be... Read More »

How do you connect to XBOX live from a laptop with Windows XP using Alltel's wireless internet?

If you're connecting to your wireless router, it should connect with no fuss (maybe the password, if your router's wireless is password protected). If you're trying to connect to a neighbor's wirel... Read More »