How to Use Wire Cable Clamps?

Answer Cable clamps are used for many purposes and attach securely to a wire cable. A common use for wire cable clamps is for battery cables. The wire cable clamps are attached to each end of a battery ca... Read More »

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How do I Repair Winch Cables With Wire Cable Clamps?

Your winch's cable provides the power to pull your vehicle free when stuck. The pressure exerted on the cable causes it to wear. When a winch cable wears, the individual wires that make up the cabl... Read More »

How to Install Steel Cable Clamps?

Steel cable is a strong, flexible bundle of steel wires wound around a core of more steel strands. It is used on cranes and tow trucks to lift heavy weights, as support cables for utility poles and... Read More »

How to Change Cable Clamps on a Car Battery?

Car battery cable clamps can become worn and/or corroded, which can affect the amount of charge the battery takes in and the amount of amps it puts out. Keeping the clamps clean and free from corro... Read More »

Is coax cable, the basic wire in every home, a digital or analog wire?

Coaxial cable can carry electrons at high speed and those electrons can be used by either digital or analog systems, depending on how they were sent and how they are decoded. It is only a transmis... Read More »