How to Use Whole Corn as a Body Warmer?

Answer Whole kernel dried corn, commonly known as feed corn, is an excellent heat retainer and is often used in reusable heating pads for body warmth and pain relief. Dried herbs, spices and rice are com... Read More »

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How to Make Oatmeal, Corn and Almond Body Scrub?

Oatmeal, corn and almond body scrub is a simple, natural exfoliating scrub. Using ingredients that can easily be found in almost any grocery or health food store, oatmeal, corn and almond body scru... Read More »

Is Corn Syrup considered "natural" (corn syrup, not high fructose corn syrup)?

There is no definition of "natural" as recognized by the FDA/USDA. It is a catch-all marketing term for everything from the most processed foods to the most basic foods. Food manufacturers use it t... Read More »

How did the people on the frontier make corn meal out of corn?

Cornmeal is a type of flour that is made from corn or maize grains. Cornmeal was a staple product in the American frontier. Modern, commercially made cornmeal flour is either steel-ground, using st... Read More »

Can corn flake crumbs be substitued for corn meal?

Yes, corn flake crumbs can be substituted for corn meal in a recipe. In addition to corn meal, corn flake crumbs can also be substituted for bread crumbs, crushed pretzels and panko.References:Food... Read More »