How to Use White Peony Root?

Answer The flowering white peony, prized for its beauty, is also popular in native Chinese medicine. There is an ancient Chinese legend that says the ghost of a beautiful woman brought this flower to a he... Read More »

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How long can you save bare root peony?

If you cannot plant your bare root peony immediately, it should be stored in a cool, moist area, such as a garage, barn, or refrigerator. Pack roots in damp moss or sawdust, and keep them wet. Peon... Read More »

Is a peony deciduous?

Peonies, a member of the family Paeoniaceae, are deciduous plants. This perennial flower loses its leaves during the winter. Peonies grow back in the spring and bloom in the late spring or early su... Read More »

How do I transplant a peony?

RemovingCut the stems near the ground. Dig around and under the plant, being mindful to keep as much of the root system intact as possible. Check the plant to see if it has developed new bulbs that... Read More »

How do i fertilize a peony?

TimingFeed, or fertilize, your peony for the first time early in the spring. Fertilize it again midway through the peony's growing season. Depending on variety, the growing season can be anywhere f... Read More »