How to Use Waste Deep Fryer Oil in Diesels?

Answer Diesel engines, which self-lubricate using a fuel that is a mix of oil and gasoline, are remarkably flexible pieces of machinery. Without major modification, a diesel engine can burn the same veget... Read More »

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How hot is a deep fryer?

While deep fryers can vary in temperature from 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal deep fryer cooking range is between 350 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat can be adjusted to account for the ... Read More »

What type of oil should i use for a deep fryer?

Deep frying is a common cooking technique to cook a wide variety food and leave it with a crisp or crunchy skin. The food is fried in oil but there are many different oils that have different effec... Read More »

How often should deep fryer oil be changed?

Technically, deep fryer oil should be changed when the polar content exceeds 24 percent. Determining this measurement requires a special device commonly found in restaurants and commercial cooking ... Read More »

How to Clean a Deep Fryer?

A deep fryer is an excellent appliance for quickly making fried food at home. Deep fryers tend to use a good amount of cooking oil, but cleaning them is not very difficult. Here are some steps to c... Read More »