How to Use Washable Nappies?

Answer Washable nappies are simply cloth diapers that are used, washed and dried and then reused on infants and toddlers. They are usually made of cotton or some other absorbent material. Reasons for choo... Read More »

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Are washable markers really washable?

Washable markers will usually wash out of clothing with regular detergent. You can use a stain remover to be safe, but Crayola claims that its washable markers will wash off of skin and most childr... Read More »

How did we survive without nappies/diapers?

Well, there WERE loads of diseases. There are reasons the life expectancy has gone up while cholera has gone down.Cloth diapers of some sort have been used for a long time. I suspect before they ... Read More »

Why do babies need to wear nappies?

Don't tell me you don't know! People are not born with the ability to control their bowels or bladders; they have to be trained not to crap in their pants, which they learn when they are two-ish. U... Read More »

How many nappies does a newborn go through?

Although every baby will be different, after the first week, most babies are wetting about eight to 10 times per day. So if you check frequently, you will probably go through that many diapers (nap... Read More »