How to Use Vlookup for Multiple Values in Excel?

Answer In Microsoft Excel, the Vlookup function is used for searching through multiple values positioned vertically in a spreadsheet. It can be quite useful when you're trying to create a formula-full spr... Read More »

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Excel vlookup with multiple condition?

Instead of CONCATENATE, and operator(&) can be used...For instance, E2 = A2 & B2,where in, A2 is the column of Sheet 1 and B2 is the column of Sheet 2.Before u use this, u need to paste both the co... Read More »

How can I add multiple values from multiple sheets in Excel?

Let's say the running total for each month is on cell A1 of each sheet (month)On the Total Sheet, create the following formula to add up all the totals for each month.=Sheet1!A1+Sheet2!A1+Sheet3!A1... Read More »

How to Locate Duplicate Values in Multiple Columns in Excel?

When using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you may need to locate and remove duplicate values in two different columns. The software allows you to find duplicate cells of data and displays every re... Read More »

What is vlookup in MS Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program widely used for personal, educational and business purposes. Familiarity with Excel's functions, including VLOOKUP, can reduce the amount of work time neede... Read More »