How to Use Vinegar As a Natural Hair Dye?

Answer Vinegar has many different uses. Not only can vinegar clean and disinfect your home, but it can brighten your colors and even color your hair. Although vinegar can not give you all-over color like ... Read More »

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Is apple cider vinegar a natural relief for bursitis?

On One Hand: Relief May Be PossibleApple cider vinegar is rich in nutrients and vitamins. When diluted apple cider vinegar is taken orally, these nutrients and vitamins may help to keep the bursae ... Read More »

How to Make an Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse to help Get Rid of Hair and Scalp Buildup?

This apple cider vinegar hair rinse treatment helps remove hair and scalp buildup that is left in your hair from the additives in shampoo and hair products. Apple cider vinegar is an easy natural s... Read More »

How do ya grow natural hair long quick It's grown a lot since I went natural, but I want it longer!?

Currently i have long hair and have been learning alot so...i do not have a relaxer i stopped getting them 5 years ago ( and i've only have 3 relaxers in my life time so this is all natural) so i c... Read More »

Black women with natural hair, does it grow longer when its natural & not permed or vice-versa?

I wear my hair natural all the time. My favorite hairstyle is the afro. Natural hair is just as versatile as relaxed hair. Women can wear braids, wash-n-go, afros, twists, bantu knots, and if you w... Read More »