How to Use Two Webcams at Once on One Computer?

Answer Filming, personal chat conversations and overseas business: the reasons for using a webcam vary greatly from person to person. In fact, you may require the use of two webcams at the same time. Bec... Read More »

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Webcams dont work on my computer?

looks like others have similar problemsmaybe some suggested things to try might help yougive it a go

Are pictures lost once they are put on computer?

If you mean can they be copied to a PC and still be in the camera? In most cases that I have seen, yes. But there could be exceptions. If you move rather than copy them, then they exist in the PC ... Read More »

What does spyware do once it is downloaded on the computer?

Spyware does many malicious and annoying things. It can change an Internet browser's home page, steal personal information, record visited websites, produce pop-up ads, change system files, utilize... Read More »

My wifi on my computer keeps turning off by itself once in a while. How do I fix it?

Hmm, try this one:Control Panel > Hardware > SoundClick Power OptionsClick on Change Plan Settings for which ever plan you have selectedThen click Change advanced power settings.Look for Wireless A... Read More »