How to Use Two Different iPods in iTunes?

Answer Whether you live in a house with multiple people who each have their own iPods, but only one household computer, or you yourself have two different iPod devices, it is easy to upload your library, ... Read More »

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How do you run 2 ipods on itunes?

Well, if you have Windows XP, you know in the beginning of turning on your computer it has a box with a name and you click on it to get to your desktop?Well, under your control panel go to "User Ac... Read More »

How to Add iTunes to Multiple iPods?

Putting iTunes on multiple iPods is easy to do provided you understand that there might be in-built limitations on some songs or machines as Apple gets more and more technologically thingy about yo... Read More »

Can you use iTunes gift cards to buy iPods?

iTunes gift cards can be used to purchase music, movies, TV shows and games from the iTunes Store. The cards cannot, however, be used to purchase iPods. If you want to purchase an iPod with a gift ... Read More »

Do iPods only play iTunes?

Yes. The iPod can only use iTunes as software for playing media. However, that software can play many types of files, including MP3 and WAV. It cannot play SND, MP2, MP1, WMA and Quicktime. If you ... Read More »