How to Use Toothpaste on Acne?

Answer Toothpaste can be used to rid your face of acne because it dries out pimples, thanks to the mint ingredients in the base formula of many popular brands.

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Can toothpaste remove acne?

On One Hand: Mint Dries PimplesAccording to Dr. Helen Arthurton on Acne Assassin, mint is one of the most effective topical treatments for pimples. She claims that "many people" have applied mint ... Read More »

Toothpaste As an Acne Treatment?

Toothpaste is a homeopathic treatment for acne. Since it can be over-drying, it is important to limit the amount and number of times you apply toothpaste to your skin. Does this S... Read More »

Will toothpaste cure acne?

Toothpastes that contains menthol or alcohol works as a mask on the skin and draws out and dry up pimples and acne. Both can also irritate and dry the skin causing redness and rashes. In a pinch, a... Read More »

Does Toothpaste Treat Acne?

There are many old wives' tales and urban myths about acne treatments, and many aren't true. However, one has prevailed among all the rest and proved itself to be a worthy acne opponent: toothpaste... Read More »