How to Use Those Little Pieces of Left Over Bath Soap?

Answer In the following I'll give you two methods to use those little pieces of bath soap always left at the end of the bar. Does this Spark an idea?

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How to Turn Bar Soap Pieces Into Liquid Soap?

Turning bar soap pieces into liquid soap is an easy process. Normally when soap bars become too small to lather, they break easily and are then thrown away. There is a way to save those pieces, as ... Read More »

Does anyone remember those little red tablets you got when you were little?

Lol, i'm only 28 and I was thinking about the very same tablets yesterday....I doesn't matter though as I still need to go see the reaper of dentistry.

How to Recycle Soap Pieces?

Bar soaps are an attractive, economical way to cleanse hands, until the bar dwindles to a scrap that is unusable. It is a waste to throw out this scrap and replace the bar. Instead of wasting these... Read More »

How to French Mill Soap Pieces?

French milling refers to a process where soap is melted for a second time, and the soap base passed through steel rollers. Crystals formed during the initial drying process, responsible for a gritt... Read More »