How to Use "The Three Little Pigs" in the Classroom?

Answer "The Three Little Pigs" is a story that has origins dating back to the 1800s. The best known version of this story comes from Joseph Jacobs' rendition published in his English Fairy Tales (1898).Th... Read More »

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Who wrote"The Three Little Pigs"?

The children's story "The Three Little Pigs" was first published in 1849 by James Orchard Halliwell in a book titled ''Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Tales.'' In 1898, author Joseph Jacobs wrote his ow... Read More »

How to Show Your Pigs?

Showing hogs can be a fun and learning experience. Many youth enjoy the rewarding feeling of stepping into a show ring and exhibiting the animal they have worked so hard to raise.

What Are Micro Pigs?

Micro pigs are a miniature version of a full sized pig. These animals have been bred to be very small and are suitable as house pets. The micro pig, also known as a teacup pig, are the smallest bre... Read More »

Ideas for "The Three Little Pigs"?

"The Three Little Pigs" is a classic story that is enjoyed by children of all ages. Read the original story and explore the many new versions that have been written. Create a theme around the book ... Read More »