How to Use Text to Speech in Excel?

Answer Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software that assists you in maintaining a large amount of data. Microsoft Excel 2010 has a built-in text-to-speech feature that you can use to dictate spreadsheet in... Read More »

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How can I merge the horizontal cells (rows in excel doc, all text) into vertically alligned text?

Without a sample of the data you are talking about, it is not too clear exactly what it is you wish to accomplish. So I am going to assume that you have several columns of data where row number on... Read More »

Extract text from text string in Excel?

Hi,As a starting point, the formula to pull out the text within the tags is (assuming A1 contains the text):=MID(A1,SEARCH("",A1,1)+8, (SEARCH("",A1,1))- (SEARCH("",A1,1)+8))Hope this helps as a ... Read More »

What Is Speech to Text?

One of the many applications of speech recognition software is taking dictation. While devices that can acknowledge vocal commands have existed in some form for decades, software sophisticated eno... Read More »

How to Install Speech in Office Excel?

Microsoft Office 2002 and newer editions are compatible with speech recognition software that is offered on Windows XP and newer Windows editions. You must install the speech recognition software o... Read More »