How to Use Tattoo Stencil Paper?

Answer One of the most important tools a professional tattoo artist uses is stencil paper. A tattoo artist learns how to use a stencil during an apprenticeship. A tattoo stencil provides a map for the tat... Read More »

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How to Make a Tattoo Stencil Out of Tracing Paper?

If you need to create the outline of a tattoo for someone, or just want to see what one would look like on you before you get it done, a tattoo stencil is the way to go. A tattoo stencil is way to ... Read More »

Tattoo Stencil Tips: Carbon & Wax Paper?

Tattoo artists often put carbon stencils of the tattoo they are about to draw onto the surface of someone's skin so they will have an exact guide as to where they are supposed to be tattooing. Ther... Read More »

How to Make Tattoo Stencil Fluid?

During the process of tattooing, a tattoo artist may encounter issues with the design if a stencil disappears while wiping the skin free of ink and blood. The stencil is an outline of the design tr... Read More »

How Does an Artist Stencil a Tattoo?

Tattoo artists have been using stencils since tattooing was invented more than 5,000 years ago. The process has changed over time, a reflection of advancing technology such as the invention of the ... Read More »