How to Use TI 36X Logarithms?

Answer The TI-36X is a graphing calculator made by Texas Instruments. The TI-36X can perform a wide range of functions, one of which is calculating logarithms. The TI-36X has four logarithm functions: log... Read More »

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How to Simplify Logarithms?

A logarithm is a type of mathematical function. To understand what a logarithm is, consider the equation x=b^y. You can solve this equation for y by taking the logarithm of x, to the base b. In oth... Read More »

Who is known as the father of logarithms?

John Napier is known as the father of logarithms. Napier was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He began working on his logarithm tables in 1594, developed them for over 20 years before publishing the ta... Read More »

How to Divide Using Logarithms?

Divide one number by another using Logarithms. This changes division into an easy process of subtraction with some simple multiplication. We will use Common Logarithms. There are also Natural Logar... Read More »

Uses of Logarithms in Computers?

Logarithms have been an important part of mathematics since 1614. Mathematicians and computer programmers use logarithmic exponents because it simplifies complex mathematical calculations. For exam... Read More »