How to Use Stasis in "Dead Space" for the PS3?

Answer In "Dead Space," you are Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent to repair the Ishimura spaceship. Upon arrival, you find that the crew is dead and the spaceship is filled with aliens called Necromorphs. To... Read More »

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Will dead space 2 run on my laptop?

Well like you say if it meets the requirements the answer is yes.If you barely meet them you will most probbly play on middle to low graphics but if you best them you well away, the fact that you a... Read More »

How to Get Around Safely in Dead Space?

Help me! I didn't follow the safety steps!You are creeping around the abandoned ship USG Ishimura. It's dark. Your heart is racing. There's a strange growl in the room you are about to enter. Let's... Read More »

How to Fix the Mouse in Dead Space for the PC?

One of the biggest complaints about "Dead Space" for the PC is the lag time between the mouse and the on-screen actions. The sluggish behavior can be blamed on the vertical synchronization (v-sync)... Read More »

How to Make Use of Dead Space Under the Stairs?

Space under the stairs can be put to productive use rather than being dead space. This article provides some simple ideas for making the most of your stair area.