How to Use Spoons to De-Puff Eyes?

Answer We have all woken up to the horrid look of puffy eyes. It may be the result of allergies, crying or too much partying. Regardless of the reason, a pair of simple teaspoons can provide a quick home ... Read More »

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How to De-Puff Eyes and Look Awake After a Late Night?

Sometimes late nights are unavoidable, whether you're cramming for a test, preparing for an important day at work or enjoying a night out on the town. Whatever the reason, staying up too late often... Read More »

Soup Spoons vs. Dinner Spoons?

There are numerous varieties of spoons designed for specific uses. If you order soup as part of your dinner at a restaurant, for example, you will likely have a soup spoon and a dinner spoon at you... Read More »

Is it the power puff girls or the powder puff girls?

What color eyes will baby have if mother has brown eyes and father has blue eyes?

Brown eye gene = BBlue eye gene = b Each person has two copies of the eye color gene in their genome, one inherited from each parent. Now if both parents only carry the gene for brown eyes, BB and ... Read More »