How to Use Spiral Hair Rods?

Answer Many women want curls and look for different ways to achieve long-lasting spiral curls. Spiral curls are rolled onto rods differently than just regular perm curls. It's important to know how to rol... Read More »

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How to Lock Spiral Rods in Hair?

Have you ever had one friend whose flawless curls that were the envy of every girl she encountered? You can have those curls too -- with the help of spiral rods. Spiral rods are long, soft plastic ... Read More »

How to Use Spiral Rods in Curly Hair?

Using spiral rods in curly hair is a bit challenging and requires time and practice to do well, but the reward is a head of shimmering spiral curls. Spiral curls will work on hair that is straight ... Read More »

How to Roll Hair with Spiral Rods?

Rolling hair with a spiral rod is different than using a regular barrel roller. Spiral rods are long and cylindrical. The bendable rods are designed to create a long, flowing spiral curl. Learn the... Read More »

Types of Rods for a Spiral Perm?

When the time comes to create a wavy or curly pattern to your hair, choose from many different perming rods for the task of perming your hair. The chemical in the perm molds the hair into waves and... Read More »