How to Use Solving Equations & Inequalities in the Real World?

Answer Often, real-world phenomena can be described, and real-world questions can be answered, using equations and inequalities. Using equations and inequalities to address real-word phenomena is a matter... Read More »

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Math Games to Teach Solving Inequalities?

To some students, algebra class can seem like a long, boring list of topics. First they learn about equations, then about inequalities; the two seem so similar that they may miss some of the minute... Read More »

How to Convert Inequalities Into Equations?

When graphing inequalities, it is useful to convert them into equations, and find points on them, as if the inequalities actually are equations. "Converting" inequalities into equations in this way... Read More »

How to Solve Equations & Graphing Inequalities?

Linear inequalities look nearly identical to linear equations with the exception that an inequality symbol replaces the equals sign. The inequality symbols are > ("greater than), < ("less than), â‰... Read More »

How to Graph Systems of Equations & Inequalities?

Graphing systems of equations and inequalities is one of the most basic ways to solve such systems and is one of the first methods that you will learn in Algebra class. Fortunately, making such a g... Read More »